Where do I start, what else can I do?

What to do first…
It’s really pretty simple.
Increased energy efficiency and resource conservation are good for the environment and good for the economy. Indeed, they are good for all of us.
Energy efficient lighting will lower your electric bill. Tightening up your house will reduce your heating bill. Using water-saving aerators will lower your water usage. All of these will save you money while helping the environment.

Where to start?
1. Install LED light bulbs everywhare. Replacing a 100 watt incandescent light bulb with a 10 watt compact fluorescent bulb will save 90% of your electricity annually for that fixture, and can reduce associated carbon dioxide emission…

2. Replace your current showerhead with a real water-saving showerhead. Commonly available 2.5 gpm “water-saving” showerheads aren’t really water-saving, since this flow-rate is probably what you already have. Putting in a 1.75 gpm showerhead, however, will reduce your water use by 2,737 gallons a year (assuming a 10 minute daily shower).

3. When you turn off electronics, really turn them off. Many electronic devices consume power all the time, such as monitors, printers, DVD players, and other home office and home entertainment equipment. A smart powerstrip will insure that these devices are not only protected against surges, but when the main item is turned off, power is also cut to all the related items.

Using more efficient products is one way each of us can make a difference, and energyfederation.org makes it easy

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