Green Bike Project

PEC stewarded a Putney Free Bike project in 2007, “We are looking for donations of quality working bikes with at least 3 speeds (and very minimal rust) that are usable or need minimal repair”. PEC painted these with bright green and placed them in town for usage. PEC contacted local business owners for contributions, and scouted out more locations for bike racks.

Originally conceived by Daniel Hoviss as a way to “get rid of the bikes in the basement”, and inspired by the many bike projects around the country and the world.


04/05/07 – The Putney Free Bike project now has an official sponsor! – The West Hill Shop
Jim at West Hill said he would be glad to donate bikes and possibly parts to this project.


08/22/07 – 5 Bikes and two member constructed bike racks in circulation for a week. Bikes appear to be used by smiling people.


08/25/07 – Bike project gets a boost from the Brattleboro Reformer


09/04/07 – Bike Project is on TV channel 5 / news 31.


10/01/07 – The Bike Project deploys 6 more bikes and one additional bike rack. This brings the total up to 11 bikes.

Project name changed to ‘Putney Green Bike Project’, after some confusion over the meaning of the word “free”.

4/1/08 – 12 Bikes deployed to Putney area.

5/1/2008 – PEC now has 11 bikes available in downtown Putney.

7/25/08 – Bike abuse forces suspension of project, bikes are not available for 4 days, while repairs, and paint and TLC is performed. Thanks to the West Hill Bike Shop and especially DAK for saving a few bent wheels with his magic technique.

PEC provided Green Bikes for Source to Sea Cleanup program.


8/1/08 – bikes are back in use, we do seem to be missing the bike pictured above- so if you know where it is please let us know. 

9/10/08- Bike above returned covered in mud! We are also missing a tall green bike with flat spot tires.

10/1/2008 – The bike project receives a grant and funding help from the WSWMD’s very own Cindy Sterling. Plans for several bike shelters in Putney are in the works for a 2009 deployment.

3/31/09 – PEC meets to discuss bike project and abuse issues, PEC agrees to form a sub committee – to reach out to the community to help manage repair and enhance the bike project.

10/24/09 – 350 Bike Ride – in the rain…

4/10/10 – Bike program suspended due to road construction on main st Rt 5 Putney, for the entire summer.

5/10/11 – Bike Project receives funding for Phase two bike project, more shelters, possible bike lanes and workshops.

9/13/2011 – Fix a flat collaboration with West Hill Bike Shop and Green Bikes Project during initial Farmers Market

The Putney Energy Committee/Green Bike Project (GBP) received a Seed grant in 2013 from NEGEF

Program paused for road construction and other major side walk construction issues in Putney 2014 – 2016

Green Energy Times article:

Again in 2015 PEC received a sustaining grant from NEGEF

Several Bike Racks and two shelters were constructed with grant funding from
New England Grassroots Environmental Fun (NEGEF)

Bike shelter constructed at the Putney Coop, and an additional bike rack was donated to the Town of Putney for the Bus Stop near the Putney Coop.

2017 Program has 15 bikes in circulation.


Due to abuse, rough treatment of bikes, safety issues and ongoing shortages of volunteer time, the Putney Green Bike Project was terminated in the 2018. Many bikes donated to the Bellows Falls Bike Project. A successful and ongoing community Bike Project!

Support your local bike projects – so they may flourish!