Originally formed in 1977 as a selectboard appointed group, the Putney Energy Committee was one of the first energy groups in Vermont. Recognized by Richard Snelling then Governor of Vermont, on May 20th 1977. PEC was re-created in 2007 as an ad-hoc organization of dedicated volunteers – part of a growing number of energy groups across Vermont ( 98 as of 02/2010 ). Daniel Hoviss was chair of the group, and worked closely with the selectboard on many projects.

In 2015 the Putney Selectboard apointed a new official municipal group. Morgan Cassella is the current chair.

All of these groups share one goal; diminishing the effect of Climate Changeby creating new ways of saving energy and reducing our energy usage and carbon footprint through recycling, conservation and the replacement of non-renewable with renewable energy sources.

PEC wholeheartedly supports the Putney – Transition Movement and welcomes new members of Transition Town Putney to get involved in PEC for ongoing projects.

Please have a look around at the projects, the archive, our resources and other links on our site.

It is time for us all to embrace a new economy and a new future of clean renewable energy.  We need to push for accelerated research and development on new ways to create, use and save energy. We need to end the oil and gas subsidies, we need to retrain our entire way of thinking – toward a more holistic approach that includes local food production, local  employment and local energy production. Support your local transition town movement. We need a mass transit that works for us, and electric cars that make no pollution (charged by the sun and wind), we need to collectively reject the old polluting transportation, food production, and energy systems that are causing global climate degradation and planetary collapse. We need, as a country to reverse direction, bigger is not better, “super-size” is such a waste. read more…