PEC wants you to know…

Our planet is at a crossroad, every country and every person is now involved in the great experiment of global warming, population explosion, financial disaster, and peak carbon energy.

This is a call to action for all citizens in all walks of life to act now, to think locally and act globally, to reduce, reuse and recycle 100% of the paper, plastic and metal they encounter in packaging. A challenge to reduce the amount of fuel oil and gas used by shutting off that car when idling, by filling up your tires, and by using mass transit, or car pooling when possible. Work from home, get a job in the town or city you live in, trade in your car for a hybrid or a more fuel efficient compact car.

There are hundreds of ways to save energy, perhaps you have some ideas to share, let us know!

The average U.S. household spends $1,400 each year on their energy bills. By choosing ENERGY STAR qualified products, each household could cut this by 30 percent, saving more than $400 each year.

In 2003, Americans – with the help of ENERGY STAR – prevented greenhouse gases equivalent to those of 18 million cars, saved enough energy to power 20 million homes, and saved $8 billion in energy costs.

The average U.S. home is responsible for twice as much greenhouse gas emissions as the average car. By looking for the government’s ENERGY STAR when shopping for products or remodeling, people can help prevent air pollution and global warming.

Write letters to your senators, urgie them to push for increases in the minimum fuel economy standards for pleasure cars and trucks. Close the loop hole on SUVs! Push for real commercial plugin hybrids and advanced battery design. When buying or building a home, look for LEED Certification
for your home or contractors that are working on this kind of green building criteria, so that you will end up with an efficient home that will save you money and help with the issue of global warming.