Solarize Putney!

Last year Putney was the first Southern Vermont town to run a Solarize program – This year The town of Dummerston is running a true Solarize program with discounted options for Roof, ground Tracking and community solar.

Divest – use the sun to heat your water, and power your house.   Sign up Now!

The Solarize program works through a bulk purchase arrangement with improved efficiencies for installer crews; where companies agree to lower the cost to the end user because of the higher quantity of installations in any given area.  This model reduces costs for all participants by providing a competitively tiered pricing structure through the selection of one contractor or set of contractors to coordinate all of the installations.  The savings can be dramatic!  The more home and business owners sign up for systems, the more the price of each system will decrease, and the savings will increase for everyone*. Company rebates are calculated at the end of the program, usually 4 to 6 months.

Soveren Solar is a local (Westminster VT) installer focusing on Community Solar that works. They have many years experience building their own ground mounts, and installing Solar Electric systems – both large and small. Soveren is offering an additional discount for the Solarize program.

The Soveren Community solar system will have the added performance advantage of seasonably adjustable arrays, so panels you own will produce 15 to 20% more electricity than non-adjustable panels that others have employed. This is a good investment if you do not have a sunny location to install your own solar system on.

Each company has worked hard to create an attractive pricing structure for solar, so the time is right to sign up. All State and Federal incentives will apply, and there are additional bonus incentives;

For more information on the Solarize Putney program, contact Daniel Hoviss: (802)  254- 1410 or

Daniel works on commission so please mention my name if you contact Soveren for community Solar – It has never been less expensive to Go Solar!